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The Automatic Electronic Verification System is used to verify electronic signatures submitted in the form of XAdES, PAdES and documents signed with the help of a trusted and personal signature, SAWPE allows: Online verification of the document's authenticity, check that the document has not been modified after its signing and that the certificate used to sign was valid and did not stay annulled (certification path) The system meets the requirements of the so-called The eIDAS Regulations and for the verification of signatures uses the EU Trust System (TSL).

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    Szkolenia z zakresu podpisu elektronicznego można sfinansować w ramach projektu Cyfrowa Gmina i są wydatkami kwalifikowalnymi w ramach zapewnienia cyberbezpieczeństwa. Zapraszamy do kontaktu.

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    Many business processes require signatures on paper documents, such as approving contracts, contracts or invoices. Standard signatures for paper versions tend to slow down these processes because of their dependence on physical paper exchange, but even electronic signatures can become an obstacle if someone does not sign the document in a timely manner. We already know today that organizations that have introduced similar solutions operate at maximum efficiency when electronic signatures are integrated into an automated business process.

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