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Electronic Signatures Verification System

Ustawa o doręczeniach elektronicznych - e-Doręczenia

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System For The Verification Of Electronic Signatures

The system allows you to confirm compliance with the authenticity of the digital signature. That gives a 100% guarantee that the document is not falsified. Confirmation that can be considered as a statement of compliance and could have proof regarding disputed e.g. In court.

Our Electronic Signature Verification System can be used to verify signatures submitted in the XAdES, PAdES format and documents signed with the help of a trusted signature and personal signature. In practice, this means that we can verify contracts, transfer confirmations, invoices, official documents and so-called durable media (pendrive, CD, hard disk, memory card). Our electronic signature verification system complies with the eIDAS regulation. The application uses the EU system of trust lists (TSL) and therefore it allows to effective verification of signatures from across the European Union.

weryfikacja podpisu elektronicznego
Signatures and seals comply with EIDAS
Qualified signatures and seals
Advanced signatures and seals
Basic signatures and seals
Used in contacts with public administration in Poland
Trusted signature
Personal signature

Basic Functionalities

weryfikacja podpisu elektronicznego


Information about the overall result of the verification of electronic signature
weryfikacja podpisu elektronicznego


Acceleration up processes with automatic verification of electronic signatures
weryfikacja podpisu elektronicznego

Saving time

Quick verification of multiple documents online
weryfikacja podpisu elektronicznego

Customer panel

During construction
weryfikacja podpisu elektronicznego

EPW Report

Electronic Verification Certification - containing detailed information on the results of the verification available as a PDF file ready for printing
weryfikacja podpisu elektronicznego


Verification of the electronic signature makes it possible to authenticate the document by checking the document's integrity and proper representation of the identity of the signer
weryfikacja podpisu elektronicznego


Possibility of quick integration with any solutions standardized by Network Service
weryfikacja podpisu elektronicznego

EIDAS compliance

Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market and repealing Directive 1999/93/EC


Statistics from January 2017

weryfikacja podpisu elektronicznego
weryfikacja podpisu elektronicznego
Certification Authorities
weryfikacja podpisu elektronicznego
Number of verified documents per month
weryfikacja podpisu elektronicznego
Number of Systems

Electronic Signatures Verification System

When you receive an electronically certified document from anyone, you should check its authenticity using the comprehensive electronic signature verification service that the document has been affixed to. As a result of the verification process, the system automatically generates a downloadable PDF, JSON or HTML document called the Electronic Verification Confirmation (EVC). Attaching it to the documentation together with the signed document in the future we will be able to check what the signature verification looked like at that time. The unique identifier contained in the EVC allows you to return to the historical verification result on the page from the moment the signature verification took place. This is important because the validity of the electronic signature ends at some point and it is mainly related with the validity of the signing certificate and certification path.

Supported Standards

WWW Page
Signature profiles
podstawowe: B-B, B-T, B-LT, B-LTA
rozszerzone: C, X, XL
podstawowe: B-B, B-T, B-LT, B-LTA
Signature format
Online certificate status
ETSI Standards
ETSI EN 319 102 – Procedures for Creation and Validation of AdES Digital Signatures
ETSI EN 319 132 – XAdES digital signatures
ETSI EN 319 142 – PAdES digital signatures
ETSI EN 319 312 – Cryptographic Suites
ETSI EN 319 412 – Certificate Profiles
ETSI TS 119 612 – Trusted Lists
weryfikacja podpisu elektronicznego

Verify Authenticity - EVC Report

VERIFICATION OF ELECTRONIC STATEMENT (EVC) – a ready document certifying the finished result of the verification in a ready form of a pdf, json or html file. The verification certificate can be saved electronically or printed as confirmation evidence of the electronic signature verification. The EVC also contains an individual verification identifier with which you can check the verification result on our website verifysignature.eu

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