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Use the electronic signature verification service directly in your system.

Electronic Signature Verification System

Our system for verifying electronic signatures allows you to confirm compliance with the authenticity of a digital signature, so we get a 100% guarantee that the document is correctly signed with an electronic signature. This confirmation can be downloaded as an Electronic Signature Verification Confirmation and may constitute evidence, also in litigation, e.g. in court. Automatic Electronic Signature Verification System – can be used to verify signatures submitted in the XAdES, PAdES, CAdES format and documents signed with the help of a trusted and personal signatures. In practice, this means that we can verify contracts, confirmation of transfers, invoices, official documents and so-called durable media (pendrive, CD, hard disk, memory card). Our electronic signature verification system complies with the eIDAS regulation. uses the EU trust list system (TSL). Therefore, it allows for effective verification of signatures from across the European Union.

Api Usage

The API provided by the application is in the REST standard through the HTTPS protocol. Authorization is done using the api-auth key - default or paid, obtained after signing the cooperation agreement.
Any number of documents can be quickly verified through the API, the only limit is the size of the request (request) - it cannot exceed 250 MB. The response returns the signature verification result along with the unique verification identifier.
Using our API, you can download a verification confirmation in the form of JSON at any time - all you need to do is enter your unique verification ID.

We are reliable

3 years validity period of certification of the Information Security Management System in accordance with ISO 27001
Entry in the register of non-qualified trust service providers
Over 500 customers have already trusted us
Electronic signature verification policy

What API Gives

API - Application programming interface through which IT systems communicate with each other. In practice, this means that you can transfer the entire service available under the to any IT solution: website, IT system, verification gateway, etc. Our solution will communicate with an external system and allow it to verify documents with an electronic signature without the need for an additional application. Everything will happen in one place. Which will simplify the work and save time.

Cooperation Model

The system subscription to the verification system. API is available in packages with a specific number of verifications and a dedicated administrator panel.

Each of our partners receives their own API key with a specific number of available verifications and temporary availability.

Thanks to the API, the verification process would take place directly in the system, display the status of the document and enable the generation of Electronic Verification Confirmation, a ready-to-print confirmation and archiving document. Considering the number of verified documents, this simple solution will save a lot of time and facilitate the whole process on the user's side.

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