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How To Verify Electronic Signature

If you don't know how to verify your electronic signature, you've come to the right place. Below is the manual for our system to verifying electronic signatures.

Handling Dropzone

Electronic signature verification by our system is very simple, because it is based on the possibility of using the by Dropzone - drag-and-drop methods or the classic click on the field Add files.

File Selection

Verification of electronic signatures on documents can be carried out by verifying a single file, as well as by sending signatures and signed files by selecting a group of documents from the file list.

Electronic Signatures Verification

After correctly adding the file or many files, the system will display information about file name and size. Pressing the Verify button will send the selected files to the application (which may take some time depending on the size of the files).

Verification Authentication

After verification, our system will display information about the number of transferred files and their signatures. There will be also an verification identifier which will allow you to return to the archival verification (keep it to refer to the verification result again). Additionally, the system will display a list of verified signatures. Clicking on one of the items on the list will take you to its detailed view. You can download the verification result in one of the PDF, HTML, JSON formats.

Verification Details

In the detailed view section you will see information about the signature, the certificate used and the certification path. More detailed verification data can be found in the verification certificate. The data contained there determinate the type of electronic signature, date of signature and most importantly, information whether this signature has legal effects.

Search In History

After electronic signature verification - the result receives an individual identifier, which is also included in the Electronic Verification Confirmation (EVC). This allows you to return to the historical results of the verification and find it on our website weryfikacjapodpisu.pl/verification/#searchInHistory using the verification identifier.

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